Champagne Schreiber

Driven ... put simply

Creating a champagne is all about drawing inspiration from the terroir, searching for balance and harmony between the different grape varieties and capturing the true essence of nature. It is this alchemy, this magic in assembling the different grape varieties that opens up such a wide range of possibilities.

Our champagnes tell their own story, that of their terroir, their identity and their creators. The real art of creating a champagne is also about the precision of the techniques used and the ability to look into the future during the development.

Biodynamics allows us to add another dimension to our champagnes: their structure, vinosity, refinement, minerality and long finish on the mouth. It also gives the champagnes a better ageing potential while preserving their freshness.

Schreiber’s range of champagnes reflects the breadth of their creative options. It is truly representative of all the facets of their terroir.